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Yoga Numbers Giant Wall Clock

Calling all yoga lovers!

Light and sleek, this wall clock comes in 3 different colours and is easy to install. Simply remove the adhesive backing and use the included measuring guide to position your hairstyling tool hours.

A fun mini-DIY project, easy enough for one person to accomplish in the hour. Final clock size depends on your preference, though we recommend leaving a minimum of 20" by 20" wall space so the clock hands can wind through properly.

- Made of shiny mirror-effect acrylic pieces (shipped with protective film to avoid scratches).
- Measurements- Hour hand: 23.5cm (9.25")- Minute hand: 31.5cm (12.4")- Clock mechanism: 10cm (3.93")- Icons are approximately 9cm (3.54") longest length depending on the image- Minimal assembly required for center clock mechanism and adjustment of hours.
- Comes with ruler to help with positioning hours and center.

Ships worldwide. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.

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