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The ZenAF Story -- OM Your Lifestyle

An inspiring brand offering you the perfect Zen trends at the best price. 

It all began with a desire, a passion for yoga and bliss, and perfect alignment of the stars over a Bikram Yoga session, a text message, and a partnership made-in-heaven.

In under 12 months, our team came together with a big dream and a passion inspiration and online marketing through viral social media. Each of us specializing in complimentary areas, such as retail, web design, client care, online business, and social media branding, we combined our gifts and talents to create an inspiring brand with an e-store offering the perfect Zen trends at the best price! 

Our aim is to create a badass ZenAF community who want the most inspiring and sought out yoga and lifestyle products. In purchasing items from ZenAF Gear and being part of our community, know that a portion of our profits is donated to our social initiative, Doctors Without Borders. 

Doctors Without Borders is an independent, global movement providing medical aid where it’s needed most. It provides medical aid where it's needed most—independent, neutral, impartial.

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